Frequently Asked Questions

1What can I do with CritterWorks?
CritterWorks is a scaleable animal management & inventory system. It supports a variety of species (Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Horses, Swine, Donkeys, Fowl, Camelids, Buffalo & Canines) and allows you the track financial, health, breeding and performance information related to those animals. CritterWorks is constantly being updated. This means that if you are subscribed to CritterWorks you get those updates free with your subscription.
2How does the CritterWorks subscription work?
CritterWorks makes it easy to get started with various subscriptions. You can also try it risk free for 21 days and then at anytime sign up for one our subscription plans. You can go with our monthly plan, an annual plan or Multi Year plan. Simply create an account and sign in.
3How can I purchase a subscription
Go to left Navigation Bar on this page and click "Pricing". Consider the plans and once you have decided which subscription is best for you, click the "Purchase" button.
4What makes CritterWorks different?
CritterWorks is the most robust truly multi-species animal management and inventory solution on the market. Our system is designed to be easy for newcomers and experienced users alike.
5How many animals can I track in CritterWorks?
CritterWorks doesn't put any limitations on the number of animals it allows you to track. You will have access to all of CritterWorks including its multi-species capabilities when you purchase one of our subscriptions.
6Can CritterWorks help with tax preparation? if so how?
You can easily record all of your farm or ranch's related expenses/revenues using our powerful events engine. Once the information is in the system you have access to financial reports that can aid in tax preparation as well as help you asses and monitor the financial health of your operation. Reviewing expenses/revenues by location, event type, animal grouping, species type and even each individual animal is not a problem with CritterWorks. The information is always at your fingertips.
7Is CritterWorks available in other languages?
CritterWorks should be available in English, Spanish & Portuguese by mid to late 2021
8What does it mean to be subscription based? Is there a demo CD?
No, this software is subscription based and runs on the internet. The benefit is you can use it anywhere, anytime and on any device as long as you have internet access.
9Does the demo version have all the functionality of the full version?
Yes, the demo is a complete copy of the program, it will just stop working in 21 days.
10Will I lose the data that I enter into the program after my 21 day trial?
No, any data that you enter will not be lost even if the program times out. After you purchase the subscription you will have access to the data again.
11If I purchase a subscription can I use it from multiple computers?
Yes, as long as you are only using it for one farm or ranch operation. For example, you can use it on a desktop from your office or home and also on a tablet or smartphone in the field.
12How secure is my personal & farm/ranch information?
Your information is hosted on a secure server farm which uses state of the art technologies to ensure the information is not compromised or shared without your explicit consent.

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